sustainable design workshop. Empowering designers to improve supply chain sustainability.

design choices can drive supply chain sustainability.

we created a workshop to share those with the biggest impact.

The Workshop


1. Background Info

Designers gain an understanding of the supply chain and a realization that they impact each step.

2. their impact 

Designers learn what sustainability implications design choices can have along the supply chain.

3. how they can help

We share all the opportunities designers have to improve sustainability in their supply chain.

4. exercise the concept

We illustrate the impact designers could have with a realtime design exercise.

5. real-life examples

We reveal the top ways designers are embedding sustainability into design today.

6. Practical tools

Designers walk away with a cheat-sheet and resources to to make it easy to apply these new ideas.




one workshop

One signature workshop. 2-3 hours. $1200.

Two Workshops

Two signature workshops. 2-3 hours each. $2200.

Ideal for breaking up large teams.


for whom is this workshop?


Fashion Designers


Industrial Designers


Packaging Designers


Event Designers


technical designers